Photo Gallery


Athens, Lycabettus Hill



Santorini, view to the volcano


Breathtaking Santorini


Rhodes, Old Town.. You will see the beauty on every step of the way..


View to Poros town, Poros island, Greece


Mykonos, old harbour, Yalos. The most famous Pelicans in the world during siesta time..


Symi, Dodecanese islands, Greece


Sea walking in Naxos island, Greece



Pigeon in the Medieval City of Rhodes. One of The Best-Preserved Medieval Towns in Europe


Naxos – Portara & view of the Old Town



Beautiful and peaceful – Santorini sunset


Kolimbithres, one of the best beaches in Paros, Greece


Siesta in Santorini


Under the shadow of the Parthenon, the Acropolis Museum has some of the most influential artifacts of Greek history


The Archaic Gallery – Acropolis Museum

The Archaic Gallery – Acropolis Museum


Mykonos – Venice and the Windmills


Concert – Ancient Agora of Athens, Greece


Bright Aegean Sea Light


Athens – Sounds and Lights