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Join here Greek Travel Ambassadors! By Travelers for Travelers!

Why to Join?

Greece welcomes 30.000.000 visitors every year! People from all over the world visit Greece and enjoy Greek Hospitality, Greek Culture, Greek Cuisine, the ideal climate, the amazing Greek islands, the unique mainland in Greece.

Tourism in Greece representing 20% of the country’s GDP. One in five jobs created in Greece is related to the tourism industry.

Today you have the opportunity to be a part of Greece’s success and join our Greek Travel Ambassadors programme, create your own network of travelers to Greece and your own network of Preferred Hotels in Greece. You will be able to send exclusive gifts to your friends, using your own dedicated code.

You will receive rewards for every travel package is sold which you can cash out or use it for travel.

About us:

Greek Travel Ambassadors is a project of Xenios Media , one of the most distinguished Travel Trade and Events Media in Europe for the last 20 years.

Our partners are the specialists of travel destinations in Greece.

With Greek Travel Ambassadors you have the opportunity to actively participate in the Travel Industry, share travel experiences, get rewards for you and your friends.

You can use social media, you blog, your email list, or advertising,

Join us today, Invite your friends and colleagues! They will have an unparalleled value receiving your personal code, as they will be eligible for a free seaside week while a 12-40 euro discount will apply on their travel package. In addition, you will earn 20-44 euro for each tour is sold within your network.

Every year, the most successful partners, top 50-70 affiliates of our platform, will receive a seaside Holiday for a week for free.

Join us today and offer to your friends or colleagues the best tools they may ever have. Register today here