AIPC 2017 in Sydney

| February 6, 2017

Under the overall theme of “Transformation” our 2017 Annual Conference in Sydney promises to be one of the most exciting and informative ever, with a destination and newly-opened host facility that exemplify many of the most current trends and thoughts about the future of the industry.
Sydney is a uniquely attractive destination that offers a diverse range of experiences and insights not found anywhere else. But there are some hard business reasons you should consider taking advantage of this once-only opportunity;

1. You’ll get an in-depth look at one of the newest and most advanced major centres in the world during the critical start-up phase;

2. You’ll experience one of the most effectively integrated business events destinations in the world, including the centre, governments and the business community and interact with the key players;

3. You’ll be able to develop a study tour to explore a range of metropolitan and regional facilities, including two Apex Award winners!

4.You’ll learn about the growing Asian market from the perspective of a destination that is tracking this closely and has insights that will benefit your own strategies and planning, and

5. You’ll see first–hand how this region and destination are emerging as one of the fastest emerging competitors and the kinds of tactics that have enabled them to do this.

This kind of an opportunity doesn’t come often – and this one is coming at a time when growing global competition makes it more important than ever to be aware of the latest developments and the strategies behind them!

Make your plans now!


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