| September 27, 2010

Reed Travel Exhibitions announces today that EIBTM has entered into a partnership to be a Gold sponsor for ‘Project Meeting Architecture’.

Project Meeting Architecture is being created to enhance the overall effectiveness of meetings by globally creating Meeting Architecture, a discipline focused on designing and implementing the content of meetings based on objectives and measuring the outcome.  The discipline will form the basis of educational programmes for professionals and students.

Project Meeting Architecture will research, shape or create and promote educational components and resources that will advance the education options for future Meeting Architects.  To do so, Project Meeting Architecture will conduct research, publish and create educational programmes about the tools to be deployed before, during or after a meeting in order to improve the learning, networking and motivational objectives of meetings.  Project Meeting Architecture will work together with representatives from relevant sciences, the meetings industry, and other existing professions that support Meeting Architecture principles and project.

EIBTM has provided the seed funding to set up Project Meeting Architecture and part of this sponsorship will see the first annual board meeting taking place during EIBTM in Barcelona.  At the same time, Meeting Architecture will, for the third year running, be part of the education programme.

“Meeting Architecture is best described as the task of designing the content and format of meetings, in order to achieve the desired participant behaviour/response and thereby enhancing ROI. By supporting the Meeting Architecture 2011 Project, we will see what is an extremely well thought out concept become a practical and very valuable working tool, for both academia and industry alike”, says Graeme Barnett, EIBTM Event Director.

Members of the Committee created for PMA include: Marge Anderson As. Dir.  Energy Center Wisconsin, USA   Terri Breining, CMP, CMM, CEO Breining Group San Diego, CA, USA   Tyra Hilliard Associate Professor Univ. Alabama, USA   Elling Hamso, CEO Event ROI Institute Sandnes, Norway   Christian Mutschlechner, CEO Vienna CVB Vienna, Austria   Roger Tondeur, President, MCI Geneva, Suisse   Maarten Vanneste, CEO Abbit Turnhout, Belgium

The term Meeting Architecture was first used in the book “Meeting Architecture, a manifesto” by Maarten Vanneste in 2008 and further developed into The Meeting Architecture Manifesto through a collaborative effort by 40 meetings industry opinion leaders in Europe and USA, more information can be found on www.meetingarchitecture.org.


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