2012, World Congress of Cardiology

The city of Dubai has won its bid to host the World Congress of Cardiology in 2012.
Through the World Congress of Cardiology, the World Heart Federation offers an
international stage for the latest developments in science and public outreach in the field of cardiovascular health.
The conference is estimated to attract around 10,000 delegates and inject Dhs65 million (US$18 million) into the local economy.
“The DTCM is honored to be part of the bid and host committee for this prestigious event.
This congress is a great accomplishment for the entire community. It will certainly bring an impressive amount of information, research and networking opportunities for the local community within this vital medical specialty.” Hamad M. Bin Mejren, Executive Director Business Tourism.
The World Congress of Cardiology places emphasis on the complementary nature of science and public outreach and strives to spread the message that through individual, community and patient care interventions, the growing epidemic of cardiovascular disease in developing countries can be prevented.
The World Heart Federation is recognized by the World Health Organization as its leading non-governmental (NGO) partner in the prevention and control of cardiovascular disease. Visit www.worldcardiocongress.org for more information.